By Corinne Cooke

Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox is a colon-cleansing program designed to rid the body of waste produced from normal bodily functions and environmental pollutants, like pesticides. The program involves following a meal plan and taking four herbal supplements for a 12-day period. The key elements of the detox plan are the consumption of organic foods and the elimination of alcohol and processed foods, which contain preservatives and chemicals that accumulate in the body over time.

Whole-grain cereal is a good breakfast option while you're detoxing.

Step 1

Take two tablets of each of the herbal supplements Cleansaherb, Biliherb and Laxaherb and 30 drops of the CL Herbal Extract at breakfast and dinner, just before eating.

Step 2

Follow the diet plan carefully. The program divides food into four groups: foods that create an acid reaction in the body during digestion; foods that create an alkaline reaction in the body during digestion; neutral foods; and foods to avoid completely.

Step 3

Limit your intake of foods that create an acid reaction in the body to no more than 20% of your diet, while on the program. These types of foods include eggs, meats, beans, peas, white rice and grains, coffee and tea.

Step 4

Eat plenty of foods that create an alkaline reaction in the body. While following this program, 80% of your diet should consist of foods such as brown rice, buckwheat, millet, almonds, popcorn, soy, potatoes, tomatoes and fruits such as pears, peaches, apples and cherries.

Step 5

Consume neutral foods, including fish and most vegetables, as you please.

Step 6

Refraining from eating tropical foods, sugars, dairy products, processed foods, peanuts and shellfish and from consuming alcohol.

Step 7

Pay close attention to the effects that the detox program has on your body. After three to five days, you should experience increased energy and a feeling of general well-being. You may also experience unpleasant side effects, such as tiredness, nausea, irritability, headache, flu-like symptoms, or exacerbation of preexisting conditions. These effects will be temporary but, nevertheless, you should reduce the supplement intake and call your doctor.

Step 8

Reintroduce foods that you avoided while on the program slowly, once you have completed your detoxification. Take note of how you feel after reintroducing foods; you may find that you feel better when you don't eat certain foods.