jerked meat, cow, deer, wild beast or biltong in wooden bowls on a rustic table

Originally introduced as a healthy alternative to the ubiquitous tobacco chaw seen in professional baseball games, jerky chew is finely shredded meat jerky. Vegetarian versions are also available as well as offerings that are low-sodium, grass fed, paleo-friendly and free of gluten, soy, protein or artificial preservatives.

Often sold in the retro packaging of the 1950s, modern jerky chew is used as a natural snack -- like chewing gum -- or to combat nicotine habits and eating compulsions.

However, jerky chews are tough, fibrous and frequently salty so they can’t be eaten like a typical snack.

Open the tin or package and remove a pinch of the chew. Place it in your mouth and smear it on one side. Hold it between your gum or cheek -- upper or lower -- and let your saliva slowly release the flavor or gently chew it.

Swallow or spit the broth flavor as it is released from the dried jerky. Your tolerance for swallowing jerky juice may depend on the salt content.

After chewing jerky, brush and floss thoroughly -- the dried fibers of jerky chew are tenacious and can get stuck between your teeth. Thoroughly rinse and swish your mouth with water to remove salt and brine.