How to Pose for a Bikini Shoot

By Elle Hanson

Although many women feel self-conscious about having their picture taken in a bikini, you can boost your confidence with a few poses that are guaranteed to flatter your figure. It is best to practice each pose in front of a mirror before heading to the beach so that you will be ready for a photographic moment. Once you master these poses, your friends will all be amazed at how photogenic your bikini body is.


Step 1

Assume the "S" pose. To do this, jut one hip out while tilting your upper body in the opposite direction. Turn your head slightly toward your hip. Your silhouette should look like an "S." You can place your hands on your hips, on your hair or throw them out above your head in a fun gesture.

Step 2

Put one leg slightly in front of the rest of your body and bend it slightly. Doing so elongates your figure, making it seem more svelte and sleek. It does not matter which leg you put forward. Choose whichever leg feels more comfortable.

Step 3

Turn your body at a 45-degree angle to disguise any flab and make your body seem more trim. After positioning your body, turn your head so that you are looking directly at the camera. Although you can angle your body in either direction, you should choose your best side.

Step 4

Lay on the ground and prop up your upper body using your elbows. Fully extend one leg and point your toes while bending the other leg at the knee. This will add symmetry to your pose and tighten your abdomen muscles. This pose is best when taken from the side or at a 45-degree angle.