How to Pair White Wine With Pasta

By LeafTV Editor

How to Pair White Wine With Pasta. White wine comes in many varieties and can be a great addition to a wide range of dishes. White wine can be especially pleasing to the palate when paired with pasta.

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Step 1

Choose white wine when you serve pasta with cream sauce. Cream sauces and white sauces like alfredo are rich and creamy so the crispness of a white wine complements pasta dishes containing these sauces nicely. Choose a dry white wine that isn't too fruity.

Step 2

Pair complex white wines with simple dishes. White wines with lots of fruity flavors and complex notes to them won't pair well with pasta dishes that have a lot of seasoning or heavy sauces because so many flavors will overwhelm the palate. Serve a full bodied complex white wine with simple pasta dishes like aglio olio or herbed pasta.

Step 3

Opt for white wine when serving pale cheeses. If your pasta dish includes light-colored cheeses like romano, mozarella or gorgonzola pair it with a crisp white wine to complement the cheese's flavors. Light cheeses almost always have flavors that pair well with the fruity notes of a good white wine like a white zinfandel.

Step 4

Serve white wine with poultry and fish. White wine is traditionally served with lighter colored meats like fish, poultry and pork. This traditional pairing is almost foolproof so you can feel safe serving white wine with any pasta dishes that contain these meats.

Step 5

Change it up with a rose white wine. If you're not sure what to serve with your pasta dish because it contains many ingredients or you haven't served it with white wine before, be adventurous and try a rose. These wines are classified as white wines but are actually a pale pink color and add a distinct flavor to whatever meal you serve them with.