Ravioli with sauce on plate, close-up
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Lobster ravioli is a decadent dish that is composed of pockets of pasta filled with a rich seafood stuffing. The filling often includes cheeses or other crustaceans such as crab or shrimp. Serve the ravioli in a lush cream sauce, a red sauce or simply with butter and lemon. There are many options to choose from when deciding what wine to drink with lobster ravioli. The perfect pairing depends on how the ravioli is served and the filling components. Lobster ravioli pairs deliciously with an array of white, light red and even sparkling wines.

Dry and Crisp

Crisp white wines are a natural pairing with seafood. When deciding on your wine, look to how the ravioli is prepared and served. Dry white wines pair best with ravioli served in a cream sauce or with lemon and butter. These also pair nicely with cheese fillings. An off-dry riesling with citrus and honey notes highlights the seafood while balancing the richness of the sauce. Gruner veltliner is an Austrian wine that is a bit peppery with notes of apricot. This exciting paring works well with lobster ravioli that is mixed with rich ricotta as the spice in the wine enhances the sauce and seafood while the slightly sweet and floral aroma mimics the creaminess of the cheese.

Bright and Sparkling

Pinot grigio is a bright and refreshing wine that has notes of apple, pear and citrus. This makes a tasty pairing for lobster ravioli that features other seafood in a cream or butter sauce. The crispness of the wine balances the sauce while the fruity aroma and finish complements the sweetness of the shellfish. Sauvignon blanc is another refreshing white that goes well with seafood. Its notes of apricot and melon with a citrus finish pair well with lemony sauces or a rich Alfredo. Sparkling wine or Champagne that is dry or semi-sweet creates another decadent pairing with lobster ravioli. This pairing works for either cream sauce or light tomato-based sauces.

Butter and Oak

Chardonnay that is aged in oak barrels is an ideal pairing for lobster ravioli especially if the ravioli is served in a mushroom sauce. The oaked flavor of the wine mimics the earthiness of the fungi. Another oaky wine is viognier. Aged in oak barrels, it has a smooth, almost buttery finish with strong floral notes. It has an acidity to it that balances cream sauces and cheese. It features undertones of sage that also work with mushroom sauces.

Velvety, Low-Key Reds

When choosing a red wine to serve with lobster ravioli, choose one that is light-bodied, low in tannins with a subtle color and flavor such as pinot noir. It has notes of cherry, a hint of vanilla and can have a slightly spicy finish. It also has a bit of earthiness that pairs with mushrooms. Serve pinot noir with lobster ravioli in red sauces or with mushroom sauces. Sauces that are heavy in citrus will clash with this varietal, so try a dry rose that is not too floral to pair with ravioli in a lemon sauce. Look for one that is crisp with a slight mineral finish to complement lobster ravioli.