Croc-brand shoes

How to Paint a Pair of Crocs. Although Croc-brand shoes come in a wide variety of styles and colors, you can add an element of personalization by painting and decorating them to your liking. Read the following steps for creative and new decorating ideas.

Begin by gathering the best tools for your project. Choose a paint that won't crack, peel or fade when used on plastics. Alcohol paints and paints made specifically for plastics are best and adhere well to plastics. Alcohol paints can be found in the stamping aisle and dry quickly. You will also want to find an applicator that you feel confident working with, whether it be a felt based pen or an actual paintbrush.

Use old newspaper to cover and protect your work area. Choose an area that is well ventilated to facilitate drying and to cut down on paint odors.

Consider planning your project colors and patterns ahead of time. Map out your designs with a china pencil or piece of chalk.

Paint away!

Allow your Crocs to dry for 24 hours before wearing, especially if you are going to venture out in the rain or dew.