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Glass bottles, while breakable, can be very stubborn. Whether the glass bottle or jar is sticky with food or condiment residue, or whether the cap simply won't budge, it's a frustrating encounter. Thankfully, there are a few methods for removing stuck caps and lids. While none of them are guaranteed to work every time and for every situation, they are often successful.

Turn on the hot water from your faucet. When the water is very hot, carefully place the bottle beneath the water, making sure that the cap gets heated as well. If the cap is stuck because of food or liquid, the hot water will help to melt or soften the mess. Hot water will also cause the metal to expand, making the cap easier to pop off.

Let the bottle cool off and dry it with a rag or towel. Place the bottle on a flat surface. Hold the bottle with one hand and press the opener to the edge of the bottle cap. Pull the opener upward until the bottle cap pops off.

Take a dry towel or rag and wrap it around the bottle cap if the bottle opener doesn't work. Grip it firmly and twist the cap to the left. This can work for twist-off caps or for regular lids.