All ketchups Vietnamese people often eat with noodles

Soy sauce, which is a product of fermented soybeans, has a dark brown appearance and a salty flavor. Traditional soy sauces are made by fermenting a mixture of soybeans, grains, culture and yeast. Kikkoman offers two different types of glass soy sauce bottles. One is a typical sauce bottle while the other is refillable and features a dispenser-style top for convenience. Each bottle type opens in the same manner, but only the dispenser version can be refilled and reused.

Grasp the glass bottle firmly in one hand. Twist the bottle top to the left with your other hand to unscrew it.

Place a dish towel or rubber grip over the lid for traction as you twist if you have a hard time unscrewing the cap.

Hold the top of the bottle under warm running water for 45 seconds to dissolve any salt crystals if the lid still won’t budge. Repeat step 1 once any build-up is removed.