How to Naturally Remove Dark Circles From Under the Eyes

By Adrian Archer

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by weakened capillaries in the skin surrounding the eyes, and the tint of these circles can seem darker or lighter depending on skin tone. Although the predisposition to dark circles is determined primarily by heredity, other factors such as sunlight, allergies and the aging process can exacerbate the tint of dark circles that already exist. You can remove dark circles from under the eyes with remedies you might find in your refrigerator.

Eliminate dark circles under your eyes with remedies from your refrigerator.

Step 1

Apply cucumber slices to your eyes. Cut a couple of thin cucumber slices, lie down, close your eyes and place the slices on your eyes. Cucumbers lighten the skin. Cucumber slices also provide a cool treat for eyes that are stressed by working on a computer or reading.

Step 2

Use tea bags. Brew a pot of tea, but don't throw the tea bags away. After the tea bags have cooled, they become a great remedy for dark circles under the eyes. The caffeine in tea bags reduce water in the area around the eyes. Tea also contains antioxidants that heal the skin. Green or black tea work better than herbal teas, though chamomile tea is a useful anti-inflammatory.

Step 3

Eat a healthy diet. Although topical remedies may be effective, nothing heals the skin like a balanced and healthy diet. Consume fruits and leafy vegetables, which are high in iron and other minerals. Drink plenty of water to flush out impurities that threaten your vascular health, make you pale and make dark circles more noticeable.

Step 4

Take a preventative approach. Cut out bad habits that hurt your skin. Stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Nicotine and alcohol age the skin by making skin cells deteriorate. Wear sunglasses to avoid overexposure to the sun, especially the more intense afternoon rays. Although sunlight is good for you, too much can damage your skin and make dark circles more noticeable.