Great news, breakfast enthusiasts! If ever you find yourself with an unexpected hankering for waffles, pancake mix can be used to save the day - or morning. Although very different in texture, flavor and preparation, boxed pancake mix can be modified to create the perfect waffle. Simply thin out the batter with water, use eggs to thicken the texture and add a bit of oil for a crispy exterior. Follow the steps below...all the way to waffle heaven.

Prepare the pancake batter in a mixing bowl as instructed by the directions on the box. Set aside.

Crack the eggs into a small bowl and whisk to form an even consistency. Pour the egg mixture into the pancake batter and stir to blend thoroughly.

Pour the water and vegetable oil into the pancake mix. Stir the ingredients to thin out the batter.

Beat with an electric mixer on medium for 30 seconds. Add the batter to your waffle maker immediately.


Always check the pancake mix box for a waffle batter variation recipe. If there is one listed, follow those recipe modifications instead.