Coconut fresh water on vintage plank

Coconut oil is said to aid in skin care, weight loss, digestion, metabolism and high blood pressure.

In Asia and the South Pacific, it has been used for hair care. Coconut oil is supposed to act as a natural conditioner as well as help with hair growth. The application of coconut oil is quite simple, and there are a few different scenarios in which you can apply it to your hair, whether it be during a shower or walking around town. Regardless of how or when you apply it, coconut oil lacks the chemicals of other hair products, making it safe to use on a daily basis.

Scoop a small handful of coconut oil out of the jar. Place it into a cup and add a bit of warm water. Mix the two together.

Apply the solution to you hair the same as you would shampoo or conditioner in the shower. Leave the coconut oil in the hair for a few minutes.

Rinse your hair under the running water, washing out the coconut oil. Repeat daily or every couple days.


  • Alternatively, you can apply a small amount of coconut oil just after finishing a shower--leaving it in. You can also massage a small handful into your hair, allowing it to sit for up to two hours, before rinsing.