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Peppermint oil isn’t just good for making candles or adding a holiday scent to your home -- you can also use it to cleanse the skin and the scalp. Peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and it soothes an itchy scalp, keeps dandruff at bay and defends against head lice. If that wasn't enough, peppermint oil also helps to absorb excess oils on the scalp, moisturize a dry scalp and promote hair growth. In short, when your scalp is in need of some TLC, break out the peppermint oil for a spa-like scalp treatment.

Chill Out Your Shampoo

Add three to five drops of peppermint oil to your regular bottle of shampoo. Place the cap on the shampoo bottle and shake it up well to mix in the oil.

Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water. Wash your hair as usual with your peppermint-oil shampoo.

Rinse all of the shampoo from your hair. Condition your hair as usual.

Whip Your Scalp Into Mint Condition

Combine four ounces of cool water with two drops of peppermint oil in a cup. Stir with a spoon to combine the oil and water.

Pour the mixture onto your scalp while in the shower or bath. Massage the mixture into the scalp for a few minutes using your fingers.

Shampoo and condition your hair as usual.


If your scalp is especially dry, boost the healing powers of peppermint oil by mixing 1 tablespoon of mashed avocado or olive oil with a two or three drops of peppermint oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp for a couple of minutes before shampooing and conditioning your hair as usual.


Do not use undiluted peppermint oil on your skin or scalp. It will feel hot on your skin and needs to be diluted to cool it down.

Wash your hands well after using peppermint oil to avoid exposing your eyes to the oil.