An amaretto sour is a classic alcoholic drink or cocktail made using amaretto and a sour mix. The original drink became popular during the 1940’s in the United States, though other parts of the world have drank similar cocktails for centuries. Since the amaretto has a sweet taste from the almonds used to make it and the sour has a bitter taste, the two flavors combine to create something new and unusual. While the basic recipe is quite simple, you can add your own flavor to the drink.

Things You'll Need

Fill a shaker full of ice and set it to one side. If you prefer you can stir the drink in the glass, but most people find it easier to use a shaker.

Pour the amaretto into a shot glass, add it to the shaker and repeat twice. You should have three shots of amaretto in the shaker. Add one shot glass full of sour mix to the shaker. If no sour mix is available you can use the juice from half a lemon.

Place the lid or cap on the shaker and give it a few good shakes. This helps all the ingredients combine.

Lightly wet the rim of your glass with a dampened finger and place the glass rim side down in a bowl of sugar. Twist the glass lightly to coat the rim with sugar. This is an optional step, but many people prefer to add a little extra sweetness to the drink.

Empty the shaker into the glass and garnish with a cherry if desired. The amaretto sour is delicious on its own and quite pretty, but many people like using the sugar or cherry to make the drink more visually appealing.


  • Try covering your shaker with a towel or dishcloth to prevent spills or leaking.

  • For a classic amaretto sour use two shot glasses of amaretto, one shot glass of the sour mix and a splash of egg white. Mix everything together in a shaker and pour in a glass. The egg white gives it a slightly frothy look and doesn’t detract from the taste.