Nothing is as smooth or pleasing to the touch as a silk scarf. Silk is a luxury fabric, and unfortunately, it can be easily damaged if not cared for properly. Even if you do take very good care of the scarf, accidents can happen — it may get snagged and tear. Although you cannot prevent every accident from occurring, it is possible to mend your silk scarf if it gets torn.

Things You'll Need

Cut off any loose ends on torn section of the scarf with a pair of scissors. Be careful to only cut the loose threads and not cause damage the body of the scarf.

Fasten the two parts of the tear together. Using two pins, pierce both ends of tear together so that the two parts overlap by a few millimeters.

Sew the two parts together using a needle and thread that is the same color as the scarf. Use a long, flat and even sewing stitch to join the two sides together. Sew the seam together once more to give it extra strength. Remove the pins.

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