How To Melt Chocolate Without a Double Boiler

By Jennifer Uhl

Without a double boiler, melting chocolate can become more difficult. Using the wrong container for melting chocolate can lead to sticking, burning and other issues. Luckily, you can improvise your own double boiler to melt chocolate properly.

Standard Double Boiler

Step 1

Fill the larger pan about 1/3 full with water. The water will keep the smaller vessel from overheating, as overheating will prevent the chocolate from melting properly.

Step 2

Insert the smaller vessel into the cooking pan filled with water. Smaller saucepans are a good choice, as are mason jars or any other container large enough to contain the chocolate and sturdy enough to withstand the heat from the stove top.

Step 3

Turn the boiler on a medium heat setting.

Step 4

Fill the smaller vessel with the chocolate that you have chosen for melting. Until you know how the volume will change with melting, you should work on slowly adding more chocolate so that you do not allow the vessel to overfill.

Step 5

Slowly stir the chocolate. As the water in the larger pan warms up, it will slowly warm and melt the chocolate in the smaller vessel. Do not cover either container, and make sure that you are not scorching the chocolate. The water should not be allowed to boil.

Step 6

As the chocolate melts it will become shiny. Stir it until it has become completely smooth, meaning that all of the chocolate pieces have melted.

Step 7

Remove the smaller vessel from the larger one and allow to cool.