Gas grilling is the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon. A major problem with these grills is an ignitor breaking so that you can't start a fire simply by turning a knob. Ignitors can be replaced, but if you don't know how to do it yourself, it can be expensive to pay a technician to do it for you. The simple solution to this problem is to light the grill manually with a match.

Make sure the gas is turned off.

Remove the cooking grids and set them aside. Locate the burners at the bottom of the grill.

Light a long match and hold it near one of the burners. Matches that are made for lighting fireplaces are the safest to use for this job.

Turn the gas knob counter-clockwise slowly until the fire ignites. If you turn it on too fast, it could either burn you or the flame on the match will go out due to the strong gust of wind.

Put the cooking grids back on.

Turn the knobs for the other burners on the grill if necessary. The flame from the first burner is enough to ignite the others beside it.


  • Some grills have a small opening near the burner for match lighting. Light the match and stick it in this hole if you have one. Make sure the lid to the grill is open if you use this method.