Homemade hamburger with fresh vegetables.

For those who love to grill year-round, the George Foreman Outdoor Grill provides a simple solution. Useable both indoors and outdoor, and in warm or cold weather, this versatile electric grill cooks everything from fresh vegetables to steaks. Food is cooked with hot, circular air to ensure even cooking. It is positioned on a height-adjustable, slanted cooking surface that drains fat to create healthy but flavorful entrees. The grill's non-stick surface also makes clean-up easy. Using the grill is quick, easy and safe as long as a few important safety precautions are followed.

Plug the grill in to an electrical outlet with the lid closed,

Preheat the grill for 10 minutes. Using the controls on top of the closed lid, set the variable temperature control to high, then set the timer control for 10 minutes. Once set, the LED light, also located on top of the lid, will go on, which signals that the grilling plates are heating.

Position the grease-catching drip tray under the front of the grill. If using the outdoor stand, place the tray in the drip-tray holder.

Lift the lid with a potholder and place food on the bottom grilling surface. Close the lid by using the handle.

Adjust the appropriate variable temperature and timer controls for the food item being prepared. For instance, cook hamburgers to well-done on the medium setting for seven to 10 minutes. To prepare a rare New York strip steak, use the high setting and cook for six to seven minutes. The low setting is ideal for re-heating or keeping food warm.

Cook the food. Once the set time has elapsed, the timer will ding and the grill will shut off automatically.

Lift the lid Using a pot holder,and remove the food using a plastic or wooden spatula.

Set the variable temperature control to low and unplug the grill. While still slightly warm, wash the cooking surface with soap and water and wipe gently with a sponge. Once its contents have cooled, empty the drip tray.


  • To tenderize and add flavor to meat, marinate for at least an hour before grilling.

  • For best results, only cook foods of the same thickness at the same time.

  • Boneless cuts of meat work best with the grill.

  • To ensure even cooking, center small portions on the grill. Make sure large portions are distributed evenly on the grill.

  • Tuck in thin parts of chicken or fish to help meat cook evenly.