How to Massage Toes

By Meredith Simonds

They may be the last place you would expect to carry any tension, but it's true--toes need massaging too. After all, they're involved in our every step all day long, helping us balance and supporting our weight. Here's how to massage toes deeply and effectively.

Step 1

Ask your partner to get in a comfortable position, seated or lying down. Pour some massage oil into your hands and briskly rub them together, careful not to drop any on your partner. Flatten your hands and gently rub the oil into the toes and top of the foot.

Step 2

Massage toes by sliding your thumb up and down the grooves in between each tendon on the top of the foot. Repeat several times.

Step 3

Take each toe, one-by-one, in between your thumb and index finger. Start at the base of the toe and squeeze firmly in a sweeping motion out through the tip, careful not to clip the skin with your fingernails. Repeat several times.

Step 4

From the top of each toe, curl your index finger and middle finger and middle finger around it, at the base. You're essentially holding the toe with the sides of your fingers. Slowly but firmly, pull back to stroke the sides of the toe all the way to the tip. Repeat several times.

Step 5

Take the end of each toe and wiggle it--up and down, back and forth, and in a circular motion. Be gentle though, not bending too far in any one direction.

Step 6

Hold the toes between your hands, sandwiching them. Let the toes rest this way for a few moments--a nice energy balancing to end the massage.