Beautiful feet with french polish

Rough toenails are enough to make you want to wear sneakers forever. But once summer time comes calling, you don't want to hide your feet! You should be showing them off with a killer pair of flip-flops. Read on to discover how to fix your toenail blemishes for beautiful feet without the cost of a pedicure.

How to Smooth Rough Toenails

Apply lotion to your feet, making sure to cover your toenails. Rub it in so your nails won't be slippery when you're working with them. Take a cuticle cutter and trim excess dead cuticles, then push back the remaining cuticles with a nail file. Clean underneath your toenails with the nail file if necessary.

Cut your toenails to the desired length. Trim them so they aren't ragged or too long. Don't worry about making them smooth yet; this will occur in later steps.

Take the toenail grinder and turn it on. Grind side to side along each toenail, smoothing it down and stopping occasionally to wipe off the toenail shavings with a damp paper towel. After you've finished, grind them top to bottom. Go along the front edge and smooth it out.

Use a nail buffer to smooth out the top of each nail after you've wiped off your toes with a damp paper towel. Apply lotion one your toenails and rub it in. This will soak into any dead skin that's left and make your feet look much healthier. Apply a clear coat of nail polish for an extra shine.


  • A French manicure is a great way to hide discoloration in toenails.