How to Makeup for Asian Skin Tones

By Diana Prince

Asian skin is light and fair, like porcelain. Most Asian skin tones have yellow undertones. This causes the application of cosmetics to be challenging, as the wrong makeup colors can enhance yellow tones. The exotic eye shape can also be difficult for makeup application. With the right makeup colors and techniques, you can make Asian skin tones look radiant and beautiful.

Learn how to apply makeup for Asian skin tones.

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Step 1

Apply foundation to the face. Asian skin tends to get oily, so stay away from liquid foundation products. Instead, stick to powder or cream to powder foundations, which offer smooth, sheer coverage without adding extra oils to your skin. (See References 1)

Step 2

Apply blush. Avoid blushes with gold, as it will bring out the yellow undertones. Opt for red or pink-hued blushes, which help neutralize yellow tones.

Step 3

Sweep a sheer bronzer across the face and neck to add a sun kissed glow. Always apply bronzer sparingly for a natural look.


Step 4

Sweep a primer eyeshadow across the eyelids. This helps prepare the eyes for makeup application and ensures there are no creases. It will also prevent eye makeup from wearing off through the day.

Step 5

Apply an eyeshadow to the eyelids. Asian women tend to have flatter eyelids without much of a fold, which can make it difficult to apply any type of eyeshadow. Try to create more of an eyelid by incorporating the right colors and techniques. Apply a medium shade eyeshadow to the actual eyelid area and a slightly darker shade above it where you want the crease to show. Always apply small amounts of shadow at a time and continue with as many applications as needed to achieve the desired look. To finish, apply a lighter shadow along the brow bone. (See References 2)

Step 6

Line the eyes with eyeliner. Eyeliner pencils work fine, but liquid eyeliner is the best choice for Asian eyes. The smooth glide of liquid eyeliner makes it easy to create a soft, feathery line. Line only the top eyelash line, starting from the inner corner of the eye and following through to the outer corner. At the outer corner of the eye, draw the line upwards slightly to open up the eyes.


Step 7

Apply a lipstick. Deep berry and pink colored lipsticks are most complimentary to Asian skin.

Step 8

Coat lips with a thin layer of clear lip gloss.

Step 9

Dab on a small amount of light, colored eyeshadow or powder lipstick to the middle of the top and bottom lip. This helps create full, lush lips.