How to Make Your Own Wine Label

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make Your Own Wine Label. So, you've made your wine and you have bottles upon bottles ready for drinking or selling. A unique and well-made wine label can make your homemade wine all the more attractive. There are several different options for creating your own wine label and with a little thought and creativity, your wine will look as professional as a store bought vintage.

Step 1

Buy some preprinted labels if you don't want to start from scratch. You can always embellish them with your own designs later.

Step 2

Brush up on your artistic abilities. Use a pen, markers, charcoal or drawing pencils to create your own design for your wine labels. This is obviously the most time consuming way to create your own labels, but it will make for the most unique designs.

Step 3

Design your label on the computer, if you don't want to draw it yourself. You can buy special software, use "clip art" images or download images from the Internet. Just make sure that any imagery from the Internet is not copyright protected.

Step 4

Print your labels on label paper, which you can find at any office supply store.

Step 5

Cut your labels apart with scissors, or to make the edges as even as possible, use a paper cutter.

Step 6

Adhere the label to your wine bottle and you'll be finished.