By Laurel Handfield

Shaving is an activity that gets rid of unwanted hair. However, if done improperly, shaving can also leave the skin dry and irritated. In worst case scenarios, shaving can cause unsightly bumps and rashes — especially in sensitive areas. Prepping the skin, using a pre-shave lotion, protects it and helps prevent damage. You can buy a pre-shave lotion or, with a few simple steps, you can make your own.

Use a pre-shave lotion to protect the skin.

Step 1

Fill 1/3 of the bottle or jar with olive oil. Add sweet almond oil, leaving three-inches from the top. You'll need the space to add in the baby oil and the alcohol.

Step 2

Close the cap to the jar and shake it thoroughly. Allow the ingredients in the bottle to settle.

Step 3

Add approximately 10 drops of baby oil. Use a dropper for less mess. This is used to coat the skin before shaving.

Step 4

Add approximately four or five drops of alcohol using the dropper. Only use alcohol for oily skin. For dry skin, use three more drops of baby oil instead.

Step 5

Cap the jar and shake vigorously. Allow the contents to settle before using.