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Skin care companies have a very good reason for providing the public with different cleansers for the body and for the face. If the wrong product is used on the wrong area of the body, a rash, breakout or infection can occur.

Why is Facial Skin Different

When shopping for the proper cleansing products, consider the different parts of your body. A face is subject to the elements much more than other parts of the body, making the skin on the face much more subject to harm. A man often uses shaving products on his face, and a woman might use makeup or anti-aging creams, and all of these things can weaken the skin and make it much more susceptible to damage. For this reason, body soaps may not be ideal for the face.

Reasons for Using a Facial Cleanser

Facial cleansers are made specifically to address the issues that may arise with the skin on the face, such as the clogging of pores and other disturbances to the delicate facial tissue. These issues are specific to the facial area and require specific attention.

Different Facial Cleansers

There are several varieties of facial cleansers that are aimed at fixing predetermined trouble areas. There are cleansers for oily skin, dry skin, fragile skin, aged skin, young skin, burnt skin, wrinkled skin, damaged skin, scarred skin, and so forth.

Why Body Soap is Not Appropriate for the Face

If you use a product not specifically designed for the face you may suffer from outbreaks of acne or blackheads and maybe even a rash.


Always be sure to check the ingredients in a facial product before using it, and avoid any products that contain ingredients that have caused you problems in the past.