Pull out you cowboy boots and jump on board with Western style. Belt buckles are a symbol of Western fashion and you can enhance that by making a Western-themed belt buckle. Finished in just a couple of hours, a Western belt buckle that can be moved from belt to belt is just thing to give as a gift or to lift your spirits during a hard day. Remember the tough, optimistic spirit of Western culture when you wear your homemade belt buckle.

Things You'll Need

Purchase a plain, smooth belt buckle, called a buckle blank. Go as big as you dare for added Western flare. The belt buckle can be made of any material, as long as it is sturdy, has a smooth surface and can fit on most belts with replaceable buckles.

Cut a Western design out of a magazine. “True West” and “Western Cowboy” are good examples. You can cut out horses, landscapes, famous Westerners or anything else that strikes you as Western.

Trim the cutout so that it is just smaller than the surface of the belt buckle.

Set the belt buckle face up and paint it with the black acrylic paint.

Before the paint dries, press your cutout image onto the paint, centering it on the buckle. Allow the paint to dry.

Mix the epoxy in the paper cup with the wooden stick according to the directions that come with the epoxy.

Spread a layer of the epoxy on the belt buckle and design with the wooden stick. Wait for the epoxy to dry.


  • If bubbles in the epoxy don’t work their way out on their own, use a hair dryer set on low heat to help them out.

  • You can use the epoxy to adhere a Western broach or or token to the belt buckle instead.