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Strawberry daiquiris provide a refreshing tropical drink, whether it is served frozen or on the rocks. You can make virgin strawberry daiquiris, using a premade mix and can substitute a non-alcoholic juice or soda for alcohol to give the daiquiri more flavor. Virgin strawberry daiquiris offer a sweet beverage or dessert option for those abstaining from alcohol consumption, or those who aren't old enough to drink. You can mix virgin strawberry daiquiris to serve at children’s parties.

Pour 1 cup of ice into a blender or cocktail shaker. Add 4 ounces of strawberry daiquiri-flavored mix. Add 1 ounce of lime juice, lemonade or lemon-lime soda.

Blend the mixture in a blender to make a frozen virgin strawberry daiquiri. Shake the shaker to mix and chill the contents, if making an unfrozen virgin daiquiri.

Pour the frozen mixture into a daiquiri or pint glass. Strain and pour the unfrozen mixture into a martini glass.

Top the frozen virgin strawberry daiquiri with whip cream, if desired. Garnish both types of daiquiris with a fresh strawberry or lime wedge. Add a straw to frozen daiquiris.


Add 2 ounces of milk, heavy cream, ice cream or yogurt to create a strawberry daiquiri smoothie.

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