When a person engages you in conversation, your eyes are usually what draws them in. You can tell when someone is passionate about a subject by their eyes. Sometimes the whites of one's eyes can appear dull, red, and even yellow. Fortunately, this can be changed with a few simple steps.

Avoid drinking alcohol and eating trans fat, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. When the whites of your eyes are yellow in color, it may have something to do with the liver. By detoxifying, drinking lots of water, avoiding refined sugar, and getting lots of vitamins and minerals from raw fruits and vegetables, you can ultimately reverse liver damage and make the whites of your eyes white.

Use a blue eyeliner on the upper and bottom rims of your eyelids. This can help to make the whites of your eyes appear much whiter. A shimmery white/silver eyeshadow will help brighten eyes as well.

Use eye drops. Sometimes dry eyes cause the whites of your eyes to appear dull. By moisturizing the whites of your eyes with eye drops, you can help to make your eyes look bright and white again.

Avoid areas in which people are allowed to smoke. Smoke in the eyes can cause irritation and possibly dry out your eyes.

Try using an allergy medicine. It could be that your eyes are irritated and discolored because of allergens. Visit your doctor to see whether or not you have allergies and get a medicine prescribed.