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As a skin-smoothing topical treatment, almond oil traces it roots all the way back to ancient China, Ayurvedic practitioners and Greco-Persian schools of medicine. Fast-forward to modern times, and you'll find that beauty aficionados still rely on almond oil -- an all-natural and sustainable resource -- to maintain soft, even and supple skin. Numerous scientific reports and beauty experts chime in on this age-old remedy's anti-aging properties, including its potential for reducing wrinkles.

Powerful Properties

The natural components of almond oil offer skin-friendly benefits, lending it properties that may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This nut-derived oil packs plenty of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, which fight wrinkles by countering the degradation of the skin's collagen fibers. Likewise, the oil features omega-3 fatty acids -- which encourage moisture, essential for battling wrinkles -- and skin-building proteins. As an emollient substance, almond oil may improve overall complexion and skin tone. Integrative Health Coach Cinthia Torres notes that almond oil eases fine lines and crow's feet and reduces the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles.

Skin Studies

The anti-aging properties of almond oil have been put to the test in scientific studies. In 2007, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reported that when mice were exposed to UV radiation -- a key cause of skin damage and aging effects such as wrinkles and age spots -- for 12 weeks, those treated with a topical application of almond oil fared better than those not treated. The study concludes that the oil is effective “in decelerating the photoaging process.” Likewise, a 2010 report published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice states that “anecdotal evidence and clinical experiences” highlight almond oil's anti-aging ability, which “smoothes and rejuvenates skin.”

Applying Almond Oil

You can apply almond oil directly by massaging a few drops of the oil into your skin, focusing on wrinkle-prone areas such as the thin skin around the eyes, before turning in for the night or before applying your makeup in the morning. In this way, the oil acts as a moisturizer with anti-aging, skin-brightening qualities. Almond oil also serves as an effective way to remove makeup and moisturize the hands, nails and cuticles. In addition to pure almond oil, you can include finely crushed almonds in homemade anti-aging masks or turn to premade cosmetics that include the substance, such as wrinkle creams, moisturizers, hand creams and cuticle conditioners, among others.

More Beauty Benefits

Almond oil's benefits don't end with anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. The Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice report notes that almond oil has historically served as a treatment for psoriasis and eczema and that anecdotal and clinical evidence points toward its ability to reduce hypertrophic scarring. According to Torres, the oil promotes blood circulation, giving it the potential to fade stretch marks. As a hair serum, almond oil conditions and moisturizes the hair, making for less frizz and more shine.