Relaxing Bubble Bath

Do you want a relaxing bath with lots refreshing bubbles? Then follow these instructions and you will have it in no time.

Light your candles and place in safe areas of your bathroom. If you have enough room to place them around the edge of your bathtub, do that.

In a container or bowl mix the baby oil with the foam bath or shower gel. Whichever you are using. Shake or mix well. Mix them 1/2 and 1/2, for a total of 1 cup.

Start running water until desired temperature is reached then put your plug in.

Slowly pour cupful of bath oils into bath, and make sure to pour under the running water. This helps with maximum bubbles and you can also use your hand to swirl the water around.

Pour yourself your beverage of choice. For me it's white wine. Then sit and relax.