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Whether you want to give yourself a full pedicure or simply relax your stressed-out feet, an at-home foot soak works for both situations. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt and witch hazel soothes the feet and softens the skin. However, if you add other essential oils, you can take your at-home foot spa experience to the next level.

Fill a container large enough to fit both feet with hot water. Use water that is slightly hotter than what feels comfortable. You want the water hot enough to dissolve the Epsom salt. Fill the container halfway with water.

Add 2 tablespoons of witch hazel to the water. Add 2 tablespoons of essential tea tree oil to the water, as well. Pour 1 cup of Epsom salt into the container. Swirl the water around with your hand to mix up the ingredients. Another option is to add a teaspoon of essential peppermint oil to the water before you add the Epsom salt. Each oil offers different benefits. For example, tea tree oil eliminates bacteria, while witch hazel cleanses the skin. Epsom salt rejuvenates and helps soften the skin.

Let the water sit for a few minutes before putting your feet in. You want the water at a comfortable temperature before you soak your feet. Check the temperature of the water with your finger before submerging your feet.

Keep your feet in the water for 10 to 15 minutes or until the water cools completely. Remove your feet from the water, and gently pat them dry with a soft towel.


Try adding different essential oils and herbs to your foot soak. Use oils that soothe and heal aching feet, such as aloe vera. You can also mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar to your foot soak. This helps prevent toe fungus and cleanses the skin.

Chamomile, lemon and rose essential oils are also ideal additions to your foot soak. Chamomile helps soothe itching skin, while rose calms the nerves and promotes relaxation. Lemon essential oil relaxes stressed feet and also rejuvenates the skin.

You can also use the Epsom salt soak in an at-home foot spa if you do not want to use a regular container.


Only use nonsynthetic essential oils. Synthetic essential oils are not real and can irritate your skin with too much contact. Always check your labels for the ingredients.

Do not put your feet in scalding water. Using water that is too hot can cause injury.