How to Make Tennis Shoes Into Saddle Shoes

By Victor Fonseca

Nothing accentuates a pair of rolled-up 1950s jeans or a vintage poodle skirt better than a pair of saddle shoes. Converting your old tennis shoes into fashionable saddle shoes is simple---and cheap. Before you know it, you will be bopping along to your favorite rock-and-roll tunes in your stylish new puppies. Let's get moving, Daddy-o.

DIY Saddle Shoes

Step 1

Start with a pair of white Keds or River Club sneakers. This project won't work with just any tennis shoes.

Step 2

Apply black acrylic paint to the instep of the shoes, in the same fashion as a saddle shoe. Be sure to leave the canvas around the eyelets and sole alone, but do paint the tongue.

Step 3

As the paint is drying, you can color in the small areas around the eyelets and sole with a black Sharpie.

Step 4

Apply a coat of acrylic gloss over the dried black paint. This will make your new saddle shoes stand out.

Step 5

Let the gloss dry and then lace up your new DIY saddle shoes.