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Strappy sandals are adorable and key fashion piece in spring and summer. But they can be a bit difficult to fit because the straps hit different areas of the foot, and it is not uncommon for one or more strap to be too tight or too loose. There are ways, however, to make adjustments so that your strappy shoes fit comfortably.

Make a shoe repair shop or cobbler your new best friend. Sometimes the best way to make an adjustable strap smaller is to add another hole so that you can buckle it snugly against the foot or ankle.

Cut a loose strap with scissors, if you feel brave. Measure where you want it to be, then use an appropriate super-strong glue. Read the label and confirm that it works on leather or fabric-to-fabric. Hold the glued pieces together with a clothespin or put something small and heavy on the section that has the glue until it dries completely.

Try wetting the entire shoe and letting it dry if they are uncured or very plain leather. They can sometimes shrink as much as a half size this way.

Use comfort inserts that add extra bulk to your "foot" and make a loose sandal fit tighter.