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As their name suggests, spaghetti straps are thin shoulder straps often found on tank tops and dresses. While spaghetti straps have remained in vogue for years, some women may feel uncomfortable wearing such thin straps, especially since wearing a normal bra with a top that has these straps can look unsophisticated. Spaghetti straps are also frequently deemed inappropriate for the work place and for educational settings, and may some times be banned in a dress code. There are several ways to make spaghetti straps thicker and make your spaghetti straps more comfortable and appropriate.

Match your top or dress to lace trim at least 1 inch thick. Select a color that will look good with the tank top or dress whose straps you are making thicker. White or black lace looks good with nearly any color. For a more dramatic look, pick a complementary color, such as orange lace for a blue tank top.

Measure the lace against the spaghetti straps and cut the lace to length with scissors. Make sure the section of lace is 2 inches longer than the length of the spaghetti straps.

Thread a needle with thread that matches the strap. Knot the end of the thread. Turn under the end of the lace and sew it down the center to the spaghetti strap,covering the strap. Make sure to stitch into the material of the strap.

Turn the other end of the lace under as you reach the other end of the strap for a neat edge. Secure with a knot on the underside of the lace.

Cut any extra lace from the tank top. There may be additional lace at the seams. While you do not need to cut this, the extra lace may rub against the wearers skin and be irritating.


.Use a sewing machine to make the project go more quickly Add large decorative buttons or fabric or lace rosettes at the ends of the straps to transition from the lace to the fabric of the top. If you still feel uncomfortable in your tank top, an easy fix is to wear a cardigan over it. To give your tank top or dress an extra special look, sew some leftover lace to the front of the chest section of the article of clothing or along the hem.