How to Make Simple Homemade Wine

By LeafTV Contributor

Making homemade wine is easy, and takes very inexpensive supplies. You can use any non-citrus frozen juice concentrate: for a red wine choose purple grape or strawberry juice, and for a white wine choose a white grape or apple juice. It's not fancy, but it tastes good, has considerable alcohol content and costs only a few dollars a bottle.

Step 1

Defrost the frozen juice by letting the container sit in a bowl of warm water for an hour.

Step 2

Pour the yeast, sugar and concentrated juice into the milk jug with the funnel.

Step 3

Shake the ingredients together.

Step 4

Fill the rest of the milk jug with warm (not hot!) water. This will activate the yeast. Put the lid on the jug and shake the ingredients together. Then take off the lid.

Step 5

Slide the balloon's end over the top of the milk jug and wrap the rubber band around the neck of the milk jug and the balloon to make sure that the balloon stays on during the wine-making process.

Step 6

Set the wine in a dark, warm place, at around 70 degrees. The balloon will fill with gases as the juice ferments. This is how you know the process is working.

Step 7

Remove the balloon when it has deflated. This will take around three to six weeks.

Step 8

Pour your homemade wine into a bottle and enjoy.