By Sheri Lamb

Uneven sideburns can ruin your entire look, and possibly your chances at a second date. A simple tip can help you find the sideburns you are looking for and allow you to avoid the embarrassment of someone pointing out your lack of grooming skills. The ability to grow luscious sideburns is genetic, but the skillful hand that maintains their upkeep can be learned.

Achieve the straight sideburns you are looking for.

Step 1

Comb the sideburns down. Place the electric razor or razor blade at the location where you want the sideburns to end. Make a smooth and steady swipe from the location downward.

Step 2

Position your head straight and look directly into the mirror. Look at where your shaved sideburn lines up with your ear. Alternatively, line your sideburns up with each other – some people have one ear lower than the other.

Step 3

Position the electric razor or razor blade to the corresponding ear spot. Shave down from that sideburn in a fluid motion.

Step 4

Use a personal sideburn trimmer if you have a habit of cutting the sideburns too short. The trimmer has a built-in guard.