How to Make Scar Makeup

By LeafTV Editor

Scar makeup is a theater and movie makeup trick that makes it appear as though large, gruesome scars are stretching across the face, arms, or other parts of the body. Scar makeup is also popular during Halloween, when scars across the face can be a Halloween costume in themselves. You can purchase scar makeup at your local Halloween or makeup store.

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How To Make Scar Makeup


Chew a piece of bubble gum for several seconds. This will soften the gum to make it more malleable.

Dab the area where you would like to place the scar with a cotton swab saturated in rubbing alcohol. Allow the area to dry completely before continuing.

Roll the bubble gum into a long tube shape, the approximate shape and thickness of the desired scar.

Apply spirit gum to the back of the bubble gum, as well as the skin where you would like the scar to be. Allow the spirit gum to dry for about ten seconds, until it becomes tacky. You can purchase spirit gum at your local makeup store or costume shop.

Press the spirit gum to the skin, hold for thirty seconds. Using your fingers, gently press the sides of the bubble gum into your skin, leaving the center of the gum tube as raised as possible. This will give the gum the appearance of a real scar.

Run a line down the center of the scar with a needle to give it detail, and stitches along the sides of the scar, if desired.

Gently apply foundation makeup over the scar to blend it with your skin tone. When the foundation has dried, blot the area with translucent face powder.