Relaxed hair by definition is flat and straight. One would think that after going through the relaxing process that a person would be satisfied with the straight hair that they achieved. But many hairstyles call for at least a little bit of wave and body, so a person with relaxed hair learns to create waves and even curls when needed. But these styling methods are temporary and will only last until the hair gets wet.

How to Make Relaxed Hair Wavy

After showering, apply setting lotion to clean, towel-dried hair, combing it through to distribute evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Loosely braid two-inch sections of the hair, securing the braids with hair elastics. Be sure to braid as close to the ends as possible so that you don't create waves with an inch of straight hair at the end.

Blow dry braids on medium setting until they are dry, or sit under a hair dryer until dry. The hair dryer option is easier on your arms and gives you a little relaxing time as well. You can catch up on your favorite book while waiting for your hair to dry.

Remove elastics and unbraid the braids, letting them fall naturally. Once all the braids are removed, you can use your fingers or the wide-toothed comb to arrange the hair where you want it to be.

The waves will last until you get your hair wet again. Controlling the waves is handled with the setting lotion you applied before drying your hair. It will help the hair remain smooth and sleek while holding the waves in place.