If you are having a large party with a lot of people, this (and Jello Shots of course!) is the BEST thing to make! While drinking it, you will never know you are getting drunk!

The day before your party, you will want to cut op all your fruit and put it in the cooler/chest. Cut your oranges into circles, cut your pineapples into chunks, slice your apples, and throw the grapes in whole. Now add the whole bottle of Everclear to the chest and let it soak overnight.

Soon before the party, fill your chest/cooler the rest of the way up with your Hawaiian Punch. Original flavor is best, though I see no reason not to use the flavored varieties. Add ice to the chest as well. Throughout the party, you can keep adding Hawaiian Punch to keep the cooler full. This will not take away from the potency of the drinks because the fruit is full of alcohol.

Now you are good to go. Get a punch ladle with a handle long enough to reach the fruit at the bottom. When you get your PJ, be sure to add some fruit to your cup. Please beware, the fruit will get you highly intoxicated, especially the grapes. They will be FULL of Everclear. The pineapples are the next strongest, then the oranges, then the apples. The apples do not absorb much liquor at all, so if you want to take it slow stick with those and stay away from the grapes!


Save your furniture and have this party outside, red drinks + drunk people do not mix well!


PLEASE do not save any Everclear to drink straight, it is VERY strong and can kill you if you drink too much. This is why you need a very large cooler and only 1 bottle of Everclear, so it is not too strong. While it may not taste strong, I assure you, it IS.