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Wear a flipped-out hairstyle for many different occasions, from casual get-togethers to elegant special events. If your hair is naturally straight, it may seem tricky at first to get your hair to cooperate and stay flipped-out. To fix this problem, invest in some quality hair products specially formulated to offer extra hold. These hair products, combined with a few simple styling techniques, will ensure you a beautiful flipped-out hairstyle.

Wash your hair and blot away all excess water with your towel.

Distribute a dollop of mousse in your damp hair, using your fingers to comb it through. This will make the hair malleable and easy to flip out.

Turn your blow dryer on to the medium heat setting and use a round brush to curl the ends of your hair outward. As the round brush is gripping the hair, hold the nozzle of the blow dryer around the brush to force the curl to dry into the hair.

Repeat around the entire head so that the top parts of the hair are smooth and straight and the bottom ends are flipped out.

Manipulate the shape of the curl further by using a flat iron to adjust it according to your preference. As you run the flat iron down the hair shaft, curve the bottom edge of the iron forward to create a sleek, swept-out flip.

Mist with hairspray to hold the style.

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