How to Make My Hair Thicker

By Linda Donahue

Most people want a thick head of hair, whether they prefer it long or short. Thick hair feels luxurious and makes us feel more attractive. Plus it offers more styling options. Having thicker hair is usually the result of genetics and good hair care. Since you cannot change your genetics, to improve the quality of your hair, you must do what's best for your hair. These few basic tips will help you grow stronger, longer and thicker hair.


Step 1

Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Your hair requires nutrition to grow thick and strong. Eat well to provide sufficient protein to your scalp, and enjoy a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for the nutritional value.

Step 2

Use a good hair oil and massage the roots. Massage your scalp at least once a week.

Step 3

Wash your hair every other day. Clean hair is important, but daily washings can strip hair of protective oils and dry out your scalp. A dry, flaky scalp does not encourage strong, thick growth from the roots.

Step 4

Try taking multi-vitamins designed to promote healthy hair growth. Find these at most health food stores.

Step 5

Do not use a hair dryer on your hair. Blow dryers cause damage. It's best to let your hair dry naturally.

Step 6

Don't brush your hair while it is wet. Wet hair tends to break easier. Wait until your hair is dry.

Step 7

Avoid chemically processing your hair. This includes bleach, hair dyes and permanents, which damage and weaken your hair.