Incense is used by a wide variety of people for different reasons. Finding people to sell incense to isn’t hard at all. Getting started and offering quality merchandise for decent prices is the most important thing.

Buy a supply of incense and open an eBay store. Selling on eBay is an easy way of getting started with your business. You don’t have to buy large quantities to start with so you can store it at your home, reducing overheard cost. It’s not hard to sell on eBay. Follow all the rules and guidelines for selling they have outlined and you will be fine.

Make your own website to sell from. There are many places that sell domain names. Find the one you like best, purchase the domain in the name of your business, and get to work. Setting up a website is not that hard. Some domain name registries offer assistance. Make the website eye catching and easy to use. Put all shipping, terms of conditions and privacy information in easy to find locations on the site. Set pricing at comparable levels with other websites.

Open a physical location. If you would rather deal with customers directly than online, rent a spot somewhere. An inexpensive option would be a local flea market. You’d be surprised how many people go to flea markets, so don’t discount this option. For a more upscale location, rent a shop in town. This will definitely cost more so keep that in mind.

Place an ad in the newspaper. A small ad in a local newspaper doesn’t cost much. Acquiring a hand full of customers will more than pay for the ad itself. Be sure to list the name of the business, phone number and location if you have an external shop. Also put hours of operation. Give the potential customer all the information they need to contact you. Make your incense sound attractive. Tell about the different scents available and offer suggestions for use.

Order business cards. One of the easiest ways to generate money for your incense business is with business cards. Pass them out to everyone you know, leave them on tables at restaurants and pin them up on bulletin boards.

Combine the above steps for the greatest results. If you have enough start up cash, combining all of these options is your best bet. Selling on eBay and at a local shop will automatically mean more customers, and advertising with newspaper ads and business cards will get your name out there and generate more sales. Do these things and you are sure to make money selling incense.


  • Purchase a car magnet with your business name and contact information

  • Take storage cost into consideration when pricing.

  • Attractive business cards are more memorable than plain ones.

  • Offer inexpensive incense burners to go with your incense.