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Moles can occur anywhere on a person’s body and can be genetic or caused by sun exposure. Moles on faces can be bothersome, compared to those that are hidden by clothing. While most mole-removal methods can be costly and leave scars, there are some things you can try at home to make the mole smaller or to lighten its color. However, if the mole persists and keeps growing, you should see a dermatologist as the mole could be a serious medical issue.

Grind coriander with a mortar and pestle. Apply the ground coriander to the mole on a daily basis for a few days.

Crush garlic with a mortar and pestle to create a fine grain. Spread the crushed garlic on the mole, and cover the area with an adhesive bandage.

Combine 1 tsp. of baking soda and a few drops of castor oil in a bowl. Mix the items thoroughly. Apply the mixture to the mole before bed, and cover the area with an adhesive bandage. Repeat the procedure for a few days. Applying a small amount of castor oil twice a day to the mole can help as well.

Rub a dandelion root on the mole until the milky juice from the root’s center covers the mole entirely. Repeat the procedure three times per day.

Rub a small amount of grapefruit seed extract gently on the mole. Apply an adhesive bandage over the mole. Apply the grapefruit seed extract three times per day for three to four weeks.

Apply a small amount of tincture of iodine on the mole by rubbing it into the mole. Repeat the procedure for two to three days before bed.

Grind vitamin C tablets with a mortar and pestle. Apply the fine vitamin C to the mole, and cover the area with an adhesive bandage.

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