How to Make Miniature Cowboy Hats

By Nicole Fotheringham

Make a miniature cowboy hat to wear as a fascinator to add a touch of humor to a formal outfit. You can also make the miniature hats for use as cake toppers and centerpieces. They do take some time to make, so start a couple of days prior to when you'll need it. You can get the supplies you need from an arts and crafts store. These cute creations will add a sense of American culture and fun to your special celebration.

Add a touch of American culture to your special occasion by crafting miniature cowboy hats.

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Step 1

Trace a circle on the cardboard with a compass and pencil. The circle will form the brim of the hat, so experiment with size until you have it right. If you are wearing the hat, place the circle on your head to see if it is the right size. Once you have determined the correct size of the hat brim, halve the distance between the compass arms and, using the same hole as the first circle, draw a smaller circle inside the first.

Step 2

Cut out the outer circle and the inner one to form a little cardboard donut for your hat brim. Be careful to cut the inside circle out carefully as this will be the top of your hat crown.

Step 3

Decide on how high the hat crown should be. This will largely depend on how wide your brim is. Experiment with different heights until you are satisfied. Cut a strip of cardboard and roll it into a tube. Fit it inside the small circle in your hat brim so that it's the right size. Trim off any excess cardboard.

Step 4

Spread the felt fabric out on a flat working surface. Spray the brim, rectangle crown and the round top with spray adhesive and stick them onto the felt. Leave them to dry.

Step 5

Cut the shapes out of the felt using the craft knife. Roll up the crown and secure it inside the brim using the white glue. Glue the top of the hat onto the top of the crown. Press the top of the crown in and turn the sides of the brim up. Paint the felt with white glue and allow to dry. This will help the hat to keep its shape.

Step 6

Apply white glue to the bias binding and wrap it around the edge of the hat brim to finish it off. Leave the glue to dry. Wrap a ribbon around the crown where it touches the brim. The width of the ribbon will depend on the size of your hat. Choose a ribbon width and color that complements your hat. Tie it in a bow on the side.

Step 7

Attach hair clips to the bottom of the hat brim with a glue gun if you are wearing the hat as a fascinator.