Long gloves are gloves that snugly fit the hand and extend up the length of the arm. These gloves are typically called evening gloves or opera gloves. Long gloves can be made out of a variety of materials -- leather, latex, PVC or satin. Warmer varieties of long gloves can be made out of fleece or flannel for protection in colder climates. This type of glove originated in the 17th century and is still popular today as a fashion accessory for formal events.

  • Sewing pattern paper
  • Pencil
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle

Fold a piece of sewing pattern paper in half. Place the hand of the wearer on top of the paper so the index finger is parallel to the fold and the fingers are close together.Trace around the edges of the hand and up the arm with the pencil. Place dots on both the left and right sides of each finger joint. You should have a total of 26 dots.

Remove your hand from the piece of paper and connect the joint dots with straight lines on each finger. Extend the lines to the top of the finger outline. Cut out the pattern and place it on a piece of fabric. Outline the pattern with the fabric marker and cut out the outlined fabric with a pair of scissors.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 using your right hand.

Measure the total length of the area between each of your four fingers from fingertip to fingertip, including the length of each finger and webbed area in between. Repeat this process on both hands and keep track of which measurement corresponds to which hand and specific finger combination.

Draw a cigar shape on the pattern paper which corresponds to each of the measurements taken in Step 4. The cigar shape should be the length of the measurement and be rounded on both ends. The width of each cigar shape should be approximately a third the diameter of the largest finger it is situated between. Arrange all six pieces next to the glove pattern in the corresponding areas.

Fold each piece of fabric in half so the pattern sides are facing each other. Thread the needle and sew the open edge of both gloves. Line the edges of each gusset up with the open finger edges so the pattern side is facing toward the inside of the glove. Sew each gusset into the corresponding finger area.

Fold the end of the glove over approximately .5 inches and hem the glove.

Turn each glove inside out to complete the glove.

  • The length of the glove and level of tightness can be adjusted depending on your preferences. Draw a tight outline or a loose outline to alter the fit. Extend your thumb fully when drawing the hand pattern to ensure full movement during wear.

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