How to Make Liquid Foundation From Mineral Powder

By Lydia King

Mineral makeup is pure, natural pigment powder made from minerals such as mica and iron oxides. When applied as makeup, the pigment creates a smooth finish that does not irritate most skin because it is free of preservatives and other filler ingredients. Although powder makeup is easy to apply, it can be messy and difficult to travel with. To resolve this problem, convert your powder makeup to liquid by blending it with quality moisturizer for sheer coverage and a velvety finish.


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Step 1

Squeeze two tsp. of face moisturizer into a small glass measuring cup. Add three to four drops of cyclo-dimethicone to the moisturizer. Mix well with a clean glass stirrer or small metal spoon.

Step 2

Add about 1/8 tsp. of mineral makeup to a small glass dish. Customize the makeup color as needed to match your skin tone by using the tip of a plastic toothpick to gradually add tiny amounts of lighter or darker pigment powders from your makeup kit. Blend the pigment powders thoroughly using a glass stirrer or metal spoon. Test the blended pigment powder on the back of your hand to make sure that you have the right shade to match your skin tone.

Step 3

Add the blended pigment carefully to the moisturizer. Stir until the pigment is completely blended into the mix. Test a dab of the mix on your jaw line to see if it blends with your skin tone. If needed, add tiny amounts of additional pigment powder to make the color match. Pour the blended mix into a 1/2 oz. empty lip balm jar. Keep the jar lid tightly closed when not in use and make sure it is stored right side up.