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There is a reason Glo Germ has a patented formula for their lotion -- it cannot be duplicated in the kitchen. A scientific process homogenizes the plastic molecules of the synthetic colorant within the dye portion of Glo Germ, making the "dye" easily washable and non-staining. However, there are some ways to manipulate the formula and perhaps even make a little lotion for a lower price at home.

Prepare 85 percent, or 8.5 parts, mineral oil for the lotion base by placing in a mixing bowl. The Glo Germ lotion is 85 percent white mineral oil used as a base.

Place 1.5 parts Glo Germ powder in the mineral oil base and mix gently with a disposable plastic or metal kitchen spoon. In the commercial Glo Germ preparation, 15 percent of the powder is used to create the glowing effect under UV light.

Pour the mixture into an empty lotion bottle. Pour a little of your mixture into your hands and rub together gently. Turn off any incandescent lighting and turn on an ultraviolet light or flashlight directed at your hands. If your mixture proportions were accurate, your hands should "glow" white-specked under the light.

Wash your hands and the mixing bowl thoroughly with soap and water. Dispose of the plastic mixing spoon in the household trash or thoroughly wash the metal spoon with warm water and soap. Set your bottle of lotion aside away from heat. Heat may melt the molecules within the Glo Germ powder and alter its glowing ability.


You can try to decrease the percentage of powder used in the lotion to save money. The glow effect may not be as vivid by decreasing the powder.

Glo Germ powder comes in 1.9 ounce bottles for purchase online.


Do not inhale the Glo Germ powder; it is a known lung irritant. Avoid excessive shaking or expelling the powder through the air.