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Acrylic paints come in a wide range of colors including bright rainbow shades, natural colors and metallics. Like powdered drink mix dyes, semi-permanent tempera paint dye looks unsophisticated and uneven compared to salon dye jobs, but some prefer the homemade look for punk rock ensembles or Halloween costumes. Check the paint label for the word “non-toxic” before using it on your hair; some types of paint can be quite poisonous.

Put on rubber gloves to prevent staining your hands with paint. Cover your work surface with newspaper to prevent paint stains.

Mix 1 part liquid or powdered acrylic paint with 5 parts water in a glass or ceramic bowl.

Mix the paint and water with a wooden or plastic spoon to make an inky liquid. Mix multiple colors together for a customized shade.


Paint hair dye tends to stiffen hair and give it a dull finish. Check the Green Eco Services website for other home hair dye options.