How to Make Leather Studded Belts

By Sophia Sola

You can dress up—or punk out—any leather belt with the addition of studs. Using an old belt from the thrift store will make it this an inexpensive project—you can even opt for fake leather if desired. Studs come in different kinds of metal, colors and shapes, and each kind will give your belt a different look. You can usually find studs at a leather store or craft store. Remember when planning your studded belt that covering the belt with studs will give it a glam or punk rock look, while placing studs more sparsely will correspondingly tone down the exuberance of the studded belt while still making a statement.

Dress up an old belt with some studs.

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A little planning can greatly improve your results.

Step 1

Plan your stud locations using the measuring tape. You can use a complex geometric pattern or simple, even spacing to determine where your studs will go. Mark each location with the chalk; any excess chalk can be wiped off the belt at the end. Even a wild, punk rock belt will benefit from careful planning at this stage.

Step 2

Press the prongs of the stud into the leather at the first marked location. Leave two indentations in the leather.

A small-gauge awl is an ideal hole-maker.

Step 3

Poke through the leather where the indentations were left by the prongs, using the pointed metal object. An awl or a pointed razor blade will both work well.

Step 4

Insert the prongs of the stud into the leather.

Use plyers to secure the prongs as tightly as possible to avoid a loose stud.

Step 5

Use the pliers to bend each prong down so that it points to the center of the stud.

Step 6

Continue this process on each of the marked stud locations.