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Instant espresso powder offers an easy way to bring coffee flavor to your baked dishes. You can add a spoonful to brownies, cakes or cookies to add extra flavor and complexity, especially when the recipe you are using includes chocolate. You can also use instant espresso to make your own espresso to drink plain. Though this drink will not taste the same as the freshly brewed espresso, it can satisfy your caffeine and coffee cravings.

Put 1 tsp. of instant espresso powder in a cup, then add 6 to 8 oz. of hot or cold water. Stir the espresso powder and water thoroughly with a spoon until they are completely blended.

Taste your drink. If it is not strong enough for your liking, add more espresso powder and taste it again. Repeat this process until it reaches your desired strength. The drink will probably be too weak after 1 tsp.; you may need to add up to 1 tbsp. or more of the powder before it reaches the correct consistency. Starting with less, however, gives you more control over the flavor of the drink and help you avoid accidentally making it too strong.

Add other flavorings, if you wish. Sugar, milk and flavored syrups can all add extra depth and flavor to your drink. Stir well to blend in these flavors, then enjoy your instant espresso.


Different brands of instant espresso powder suggest using different powder to water ratios. This helps compensate for varying strengths between brands. Read the instructions on your package of instant espresso powder for directions specific to your brand.