Malted milk powder, sold near the hot cocoa mix at the grocery store, combines barley malt and milk for a more nutritious, sweeter drink than milk. Malt powder comes from sprouting barley, drying it and grinding it into a powder. It has a nutty, toasty, somewhat buttery taste that makes it a natural choice to enhance milk and make it richer. Try a relaxing cup of warm malted milk prepared from homemade powder or mix it with cold water or milk for an alternative to flavored milk. You can also add it to cookies or other baked goods to give them a homey, wholesome flavor.

Things You'll Need

Combine each 1 cup of instant dry milk with 3 tablespoons malt powder in an airtight container.

Shake the container to combine the powders. Store for up to one month at room temperature.

Pour 1/3 cup of this malted milk powder into a glass and add 1 cup of water or milk.

Stir to combine, adding sugar to taste.


  • Look for two types of malt powder sold in stores for bread baking or beer making: diastatic and non-diastatic. Non-diastatic, tastes sweeter than diastatic as enzymes have been added to it to convert the starches in the malt into sugars. Use either malt powder when making your malted milk powder.

  • You can use any type of instant milk. If you want a richer taste, choose full-fat milk powder.

  • Add 3 tablespoons cocoa powder to the container with your malted milk powder mix to make a chocolate version.