How to Make Ice Cream Soft in a Freezer

By Emily Jeren

You develop a taste for a bowl of ice cream and the container of ice cream that you just reached for in the freezer is as hard as a rock. You hold the ice cream scoop under hot water and try again to scoop out the ice cream. That doesn't do anything but melt a tiny top portion of the ice cream. Well, here is a super simple and easy way to keep that ice cream soft in the freezer so it is always ready when you want some.

Make Ice Cream Soft in a Freezer

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Step 1

Grab a clean kitchen towel and moisten the entire towel with warm water. Wring the towel to remove excess water and to prevent dripping.

Step 2

Wrap the towel around your closed container of ice cream.

Step 3

Set the towel-wrapped container of ice cream on the kitchen counter. Let it sit for approximately 3 to 5 minutes to help soften the ice cream.

Step 4

Unwrap the towel from the container of ice cream. Grab a dry kitchen towel and wipe the entire exterior of the container to remove any excess moisture.

Step 5

When you're finished serving the ice cream, place the container of ice cream inside a plastic or paper shopping bag from the grocery store and tie or fold the bag closed.

Step 6

Store the container of ice cream on the door shelf of your freezer. This spot in the freezer is the most conducive to soft ice cream.